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  • Be Clear
    Fellas, it’s 2018 and there’s no reason not to keep it 100% honest with women! No more misleading a woman into believing that you actually want to be with her when you just want sex. Be honest and upfront from the very start. You know […]
  • Dating 9 to 5
    These days, finding the right partner has become a full-time job, but there’s one question that remains: Where are the benefits? You meet someone, exchange text conversations, and the engage in a couple of phone calls. Everything seems great, […]
  • Up in the Air Life + Baecations Vivir Singles Experience
      “Vivir” (To Live in Spanish) is a Magical and transformative experience for everyone.   This Single’s Retreat is about falling in love again with yourself, with life, and attracting amazing companions who bring spice to your days. During our […]