CommonTruce: The Conception

My name is Darion D. Coleman and I’m the visionary behind CommonTruce.

I’m also a motivational speaker, event host and blogger… but more of that shortly.

CommonTruce: Foundation

The more I’ve grown, the more difficult it has become to turn a blind eye towards the current state of our community. Instead of complaining about it, I decided to be active in creating a way that change could be fostered.

It all started from the desire to advocate reform and aid in removing:

  1. Social misconceptions and stigmas which cause division in relationships;
  2. The detriment brought to children by dwelling in single parent homes; 
  3. Opposition which prevents us from joining together to cause community change.

These desires are common in our community. It became the focal points of change that I wanted to advocate in our environment. I began to brainstorm ways to create a platform which would generate the shift in thinking to invoke solutions.

In stark contrast to the problems, I wanted and hoped for us to:

  1. Become better educated and resolve common relationship issues we face;
  2. Foster successful marriages while effectively providing support for the children involved;
  3. Improve our communities by becoming active in the change we all desire.

The direction I was headed in started to become a theme.

 COMMON issues…

establishing TRUCE