The act of choosing is a freedom we all should value more. Time and time again, we allow others to make decisions for us. Instead of taking control, it’s often given away in the hopes that the best decision is selected for us. Think about it. Who will make the best choice for you?

Where is your ability to make your own choice?

Do friends influence your decisions in life? You consult with them not only about your relationship, but about career moves, social media posts and fashion ideas. There’s no reason your relationship should be the main morning GroupMe discussion. Don’t compromise the integrity of what you’re attempting to build and become the butt of jokes when you aren’t around.

Maybe your parents have always dictated what’s right and wrong about your life. Attempting to duplicate their marriage can place unrealistic expectations on yourself and create unobtainable standards for you and your mate. Allow your relationship to be unique and free flowing and don’t use other people’s relationships to measure your own.

What about the person you are involved with? Being lax in your decision-making can lock you into a 5-year relationship that should have ended in the first 6 months. There is a purpose behind every action and understanding the intentions is crucial. Don’t ignore the signs when they are presented clearly.

Don’t make excuses and justify every red flag.

Be honest with yourself and aware of the situational circumstances you may find yourself in. Acting careless with your decision-making could ruin the possibility of a good relationship. Take back ownership of your ability to choose and take accountability of your own actions. You maintain the authority over your life and the decisions you make–good or bad.

You are the only person that knows what’s best for you.

2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Chantal

    Thinking that you can make someone into something you want them to be often causes you to place yourself in a dead end relationship. Some people are fine with stagnation but for those who aren’t, you are more than welcome to cut that person off if they don’t align with where you see yourself. You give others license to treat you how they treat you.

  2. Schala Schifino

    Great honest advice! Many times people tell their friends way too much information and then put too much stock on what they think.

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