Monogamy: Fact or Fiction?

Do men truly believe in monogamy? Answering this can be a bit complex but I’ll break it down for you.

Short answer – Yes!

Monogamy has been exposed to men in one way or another at some point in our lives. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a concept men fully understand. We actually desire this type of relationship at the very core of our being. Monogamy often serves as fuel that motivates our desire to become better men. Knowing that we may get married and have children triggers our internal drive. It’s the reason we go to work in the morning, continue our education and stop being full throttle hoes.

tumblr_n7aaqgLRyU1qbw767o5_250I’ll address the reason this question was likely posed. It’s very likely that the man you are dealing with either has multiple women or has easy access to them. It’s really just that simple but knowing this can be of beneficial to you.

A man will only show the outward production of what has been stored in him under the right circumstance. In order to get there, you must be patient and establish a solid friendship.

Men open up to women who have a sincere interest in him as a man and who aren’t trying to get married on the second date. Once trust is built, you will then see a shift in dialogue.

He will tell you about his family, aspirations, and communicate his true feelings openly. At this point, monogamy begins to be something real to him. Self-motivation begins to transform into a woman whose face he can see, touch, and kiss. You will become the reason he grinds and driving force causing him to become a better man. He won’t risk the thought of losing you so cutting off women is an easy process as he’s justified within. A comfort level can only be built fully over time. Opening up as a man takes time so please remember to be patient.

There’s nothing you can personally do to get a man to that mental state. Just be you and allow the relationship to progress organically. If he does not see your value in due time, back away knowing it was nothing personal. Allow another man the opportunity to see your worth.

2 thoughts on “Monogamy: Fact or Fiction?

  1. Chantal

    I love the “it was nothing personal” part. A lot of times, we as women think that we are to blame for a man not committing to us. In some cases we definitely are but in a case where you have done nothing but be kind, honest and respectful, realizing that his unwillingness to commit reveals issues he has with himself is key to moving forward and setting the terms for how you interact with other men in the future.

  2. Ashlee Hope

    “If he does not see your value in due time, back away knowing it was nothing personal…” My sentiments exactly. It doesn’t matter how great of a woman you still won’t be enough to a man who is not ready. #Truth

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