The Friend Zone – The Black Hole

Repeated phone calls and text messages are not being answered like once before. What was once full-throttle flirtation seems to be reduced to, “What’s for lunch?” You sense transition from a distance but aren’t sure when things went left. The realization comes when you are replaced by a “busy schedule.”

You’re hanging on to the little optimism you have and try to justify to yourself that you haven’t been placed in the zone – The Friend Zone.

The Friend Zone should be deemed “The Big Black Hole of Dating,” or simply, relationship irrelevance.

Trying to throw the ‘Hail Mary’ pass in desperation of climbing out of the black hole will only justify a reason to keep your ass there. It’s unlikely to see an immediate impact when the light switch is turned off. When you look up and see nothing but darkness around you, don’t be afraid. An escape route can easily be opened to get back to the light. So where is it?

It has everything to do with you understanding your role in The Friend Zone. Instead of taking charge, you allowed them to set the tone and dictate the way they treated you. Relationships consist of two people; not just one. It’s okay to walk away and disconnect if you deem it necessary. Not everyone that you meet will see your value and that’s fine! Facing this fact will provide light in the darkest situations.

4 thoughts on “The Friend Zone – The Black Hole

  1. INS8BLE

    I would say 75% of the time the flirtation starts because of something said or done which was offensive or turned the woman off – so he is no longer seen as a potential to date or mate. What men tend to say or do … or lack of normally dictates if they are placed in the ‘friendzone.’

    1. Elle

      Yes….Sometimes…. nothing was really said or done and that is the problem. Other times, too much was said and done! Finding the ingredients for balance is the key to a recipe for an exciting, never dull, more than friends relationship! Just my opinion 🙂

  2. Aye Cee

    I agree. Most men get friend-zoned because of something they have said. I have also found that I will friend-zone a guy if all we do is text. A guy recently reached out to me ON THE COMMON TRUCE MEETUP, asked for my number, and has yet to call or set up a date but then says I’m tough because I’m not responding to his semi-flirtation. Ugh! I don’t have the energy…

  3. Ashlee Hope

    The friendzone isn’t always a black hole. You can definitely climb back out and into her heart! You may be the right person for her, but the timing was just off. Don’t give up, guys! lol

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