The Divorced

Are you completely healed from your divorce? Trust me, if you aren’t, it’s okay! It’s a pretty dramatic experience for anyone to undertake, especially if you believe vows are meant to last forever. You put in the work needed, compromised and focused your desires to satisfy your significant other.

Yet, you are now back where you once started – alone.

Overcoming my divorce was a serious challenge for me to overcome. I attempted to fill the massive void it left by acquiring possessions. I bought clothes, shoes, cars and spent a lot of money irresponsibly. However, no matter what I accumulated, it did nothing to change the view of myself from within. I labeled myself a failure and somehow lost the ability to know and understand myself as a man. To be continued…

5 thoughts on “The Divorced

  1. MirKmm

    Divorce does set you back. Like you mentioned it unbelievably hard to fathom when you’re the one in the marriage who believes in ” til death do us part.” That would be me, so everyday for the past 3 years has been a struggle. It doesn’t help that my ex seems to have transitioned seamlessly into his new life. I’m so interested in what else you have to say in this article, so please update it with the finished product. It’s got a lot of promise.

  2. Tabby

    It’s never easy going through any breakup of any kind and I think for me, I had already check out of the marriage long before we decided to separate. The hardest part is when kids are involved and use to the dynamic of their parent being together. What makes it challenging for me is when they ask, why are you guys getting a divorce? Why can’t we be a family again? And lastly, another hard thing to face is them moving on and starting over first. Even though it’s over, I still wanted be the one to move on and be happy with someone else, because I was the one who wanted the divorce.

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