I Just Came Here to Find a Husband

Prior to the launch of CommonTruce.com, I started posing relationship/dating questions to my Facebook and Instagram followers. Genese Jamilah, Owner of I DON’T DO CLUBs emailed me a photo of a woman wearing a sign on her back that read,

I just came here to find a husband.

Genese thought this would be a good topic of discussion, however, I needed more information about the woman and her reason for wearing the sign.

Then earlier this week, this mysterious woman was again pushed back into my view.

unnamed (1)

Genese later informed me that there was an article written about the “sign lady,” Ayana Evans. It provided some answers to questions that anyone would normally ask.

The article introduced me to familiar woman whom every man will eventually meet in the dating arena.

So, let me create a scenario.

Men have changed their outlook on the social scene. Nowadays, we attend day parties on the weekends to hang out. The sound of food, a couple brews and being a part of a nice setting is music to our ears. Don’t be mistaken— women play heavily into the mix!There’s nothing like scanning a room full of beautiful women.

If there is one that interest us, we make eye contact with her, initiate conversation, exchange numbers then “SWISH”… NEXT!

It’s almost as though men take the form of Kobe Bryant and go trigger-happy. As long as we hit those routine jumpers and a few from beyond the arch, we will find our groove. Things turn into a NBA Jam session as you catch fire while you run point and your homie plays center.

1So imagine, you and your boy are 26 of 32 from the field. Pushing up the court, you rebound the ball motioning for a fast break. You eye a woman from afar then go full speed her way. You pass the rock to your boy and determine your approach as you position yourself for an easy dunk.

As he lofts the ball up, you catch glimpse of her back and notice a sign reading . . .



Part 2: Coming Soon . . .

18 thoughts on “I Just Came Here to Find a Husband

  1. William

    You know if this was the case for me seeing the sign on a women’s back I would stare for a sec. Then chuckle…but at least she was being honest.

  2. Earl Jackson

    First I would probably snapchat the female for fun. Then I go in and ask her, what led you to this point? At the end of the day nobody wants to be alone, and for the most part everybody want that 1 person you can share things with. It just so happens that some of us want that 1 person with +1 or more. Saying this to say I believe that more people than you think wear that shirt just not so boldly. Who is to say you can find BAE (before any & everybody) in the club?

  3. William Jenkins

    I would appreciate how forward she is. I would def have a conversation with her and see 1) how serious she was and 2) if she is as ready for that as she thinks she is (some women are less ready than they think they are)

  4. Brandon M. Carter

    WOW…that is interesting to say the least LOL. I would approach the woman in this picture in light-hearted and humorous manner to find out if she is serious or if she lost a bet to one of her freinds LOL. I suspect the conversation would be pretty interesting either way.

    Now in regards to her wearing this sign (assuming that she is completely serious and not doing a gag) I’m curious to know what her motives are (aside from the obvious objective of meeting her future husband). Does she believe that the sign will scare away the men who don’t want to have anything to do with marriage and thus attracting men who are serious? If that is her objective I would then agruge, as a men who plans to get married, her approach would detract me from wanting to get to know her aside from a brief conversation about the sign itself.

    1. Shawna

      Why wouyit detract you? Maybe she’s tired of men who are taken or not ready for a serious relationship or maybe they are not where they want to be in life. This is her way of avoiding those issues before she wastes any time. Just my thoughts.

  5. Louis Sweeney

    Sounds like the guys are taking the sensable approach to answering this question…so I’ll choose the latter, I’d litterally SMDH thinking to myself who the hell does that! First off I hope she’s not serious because no MAN is going to respond unless he’s as out of his mind as she is! Secondly she should let GOD handle that because apparently what she’s been doing hasn’t worked given it seems she’s on her “last straw” with these antics. I lack the mental capacity to take anyone like this serious! Come on now??? Like ima say damn this gotta be fate, here I am out at this event looking for a wife and I run into this beautiful WOMAN with this sign on her back…YES!!! Thank you GOD my prayers have been answered!!! (sacastic YES serious NO)

  6. Chantal

    At the end of the day, life is a hustle-a thrist, to be exact. Thirst is not always a negative thing. We thirst in ways we don’t realize. We thirsted in college by going to office hours, getting a tutor and studying. The degree was the thirst. We thirst at work by staying late, coming early and only slacking off once the work is done. The money and stability it brings is the thirst.

    We thirst for attention of the opposite sex. I’m all for being real. Now, would I wear a sign like that? No-not because its tasteless but because I try to carry myself in a way that commands (not demands) how I think others should treat me. I think my actions and words express what I want and if I should so happen to strike upna convo with a man, by the end, he will know whether he fits in with my amibitions and I his.

    But I applaud her becuase only men who are complicit in what she is doing will approach her. Will NFL spoke of the importance of adjusting your filter in terms of the people you choose to entertain. Her setting is clearly on “get chose”, which in my opinion is the highest on the scale. No uncertain terms whatsoever.

    If I did have a sign, it would probably read, “I’m just here for the liquor”.

  7. Chantal

    Lmao she on the prowl too. Scouting territory from an elevated vantage point lol.
    Apologies for the spelling errors.

  8. William

    Great responses everyone….but really..if that is the tactic that she taking…who am I or anyone else to judge…”Simple”..

  9. Justin

    I must admit that I would be shocked, however I would commend anyone for being that daring. It’s a switch from normal methods plus she’s expressing exactly what she’s looking for. Who knows, there could be a guy looking for a “wife” at the event and the sign is simply the convo piece. Very bold move on her part, however in life, boldness is often necessary to obtain what you want.

    Now of course I’m not saying the pair would marry tomorrow but at least you know you’re dealing with someone who is serious and has an ultimate goal in mind. At the end of the day it just sounds like a unique, clever method of bringing two people together and the rest could be history. Gotta keep an open mind!

  10. Peter

    I would smile really hard and turn around with a shirt saying “I’m looking for my other half”….

    Seriously, I think she may have started a new trend and I can now see more women and men wearing a shirt like this. Maybe not a sign because its throwing off the outfit. This is how trends start just by expressing how you feel and what describes you. At least, her intentions are out in the open and not just on Christian Mingle, Match, or eHarmony (Not Tinder, POE, or any of these other free websites because people tend to play games, not real, or looking for that one thing), which I can only respect.

  11. E

    What is it this stigma that some people have against marriage or actively seeking a spouse? If you don’t want marriage, don’t bother this woman. If you are interested in marriage and you find her attractive (because that’s really all you have to go by at first sight), then see what she’s about.
    All this judgement is unnecessary.

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