Blurred Lines

It’s very important to effectively communicate when you’re in a relationship. As you develop an understanding of one another, finding a resolution to conflict should gradually become easier. Cultivating a relational bond with someone should provide you with the necessary information to either progress or cut ties.

Arguing back and forth between one another doesn’t resolve anything because no one is actually listening. Presenting ultimatums aren’t associated with effective communication. Ultimatums often lead to actions which motivate one to avoid consequences rather than putting in a sincere effort to address the primary issue. This type of change is only temporary and often lead the couple back to having the initial discussion all over again. Even worse, demands may place unwanted pressure on one individual and cause them to end the relationship completely.

Most of us are naturally selfish.

Heated argument

We focus on our primary needs and everything after that is secondary. There are times that we push our own agendas onto others for our own personal gain and self-gratification. However, there is no way possible to be in a relationship by yourself. That alone should cause realization that everything isn’t about you or what you want. Pay more attention and focus more on what you can give rather than receive.

When you speak, it’s critical that you convey your message in a way that allows the listener to receive your words. Timing is a very important consideration. If you notice you are heading towards an argument, you may want to revisit the discussion later when tempers subside.

As a recipient, it’s important to listen to understand rather than listen to reply.

Quick responses only illustrate your failure to understand what has been shared. Remain calm and respectful and be attentive as their thoughts are being shared.

Allow open communication to flourish between you and your partner. If change doesn’t result after clear communication has been established, why continue on?

2 thoughts on “Blurred Lines

  1. Chantal

    Real shit, real spit. Every word of this was spot on. We have to do better. At least try to communicate your wants and needs at the outset so that the person can decide whether or not to be with you.

  2. Sw

    I agree with open and effective communication but one thing we as individuals have to remember with communication is you have to also listen with understanding. A lot times when we communicate its coming from our own viewpoint, circumstances and experiences that are not always the same as other. And at times when we listen we comprehended or perceive the same way. Hence this is why a lot of time arguments and ultimatum’s happen due to the lack of understanding one another’s perspective. All in all we need to get from in front of ourselves and see where the other person is coming in order to effectively communicate.

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