UnAnchored Heart

Loved at her capacity considered a lofty King
Imperfections judged my case will never be Queen

Mind of emptiness prolongs my early release
Denial of satisfaction my life yields no increase

Blood on my hands before her I make an appeal
Freedom! I cry handcuffed tightly as I kneel

Guilty verdict sentenced awaiting my bail
Confined imprisoned to an unlocked cell

No reason to go, yet I have no need to stay
My UnAnchored Heart sails slowly drifts away

One thought on “UnAnchored Heart

  1. Dee

    I enjoyed reading the post. Women are often loved for the things they can do but never for who they truly are which tends to included blemishes and imperfections. A woman would not feel as if she is drifting with no possibility of a man locking down her heart if men had realistic views of a woman and would love her for all of her instead of the part of her that was useful to them.

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