6 Reasons You Probably Hate Dating

Muffie Bradshaw

1. You put boyfriend expectations on someone you’re just dating.

He’s not your boyfriend so don’t place expectations on him that are merely boyfriend exclusive. Meeting his parents, giving you a house key and looking for getaways on Groupon is not a part of the initial dating process. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your thoughts and wants, but you have to keep yourself in check. The only thing that should be expected in this dating stage is a peach martini, good conversation and compliments an enjoyable time when you’re together.

2. You’re too pessimistic.

I get it. You have had some absolutely terrible dates from Tinder and have become a bit jaded when it comes to the process in which one calls dating. However, if you go into the date with the mindset that every potential date is going to result in disaster, it will. Your thoughts become  your…

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One thought on “6 Reasons You Probably Hate Dating

  1. Miss Love

    Muffie is on point with this list. I know I’ve had to check myself a few times when “dating” someone. With age came being a bit wiser and waking up.


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