A Brand New Year

I find myself (like many others) thinking back on many of the choices I have made in 2015. I possess many regrets concerning my contributions to others who are in my life. I’m not referring strictly to dating; it includes my family, social, and business relationships. Though it is so cliché to “turn back the hands of time”, I wish. .  at times I could. Yet if I could turn it back,

I doubt my life would ever go forward as I would always be going back to correct my mistakes.  

Life doesn’t contain an edit button which could revise our words spoken in anger. It is impractical to believe “belated birthday” wishes could be sufficient in comparison to remembering the actual birth date. It is impossible to show someone how much you love them when their focus is now on someone else. After meditating on my own offenses, I am scrambling to find justification for being overly critical of others.

DAMN . . . .

In the space of time we are presented with a moment and choice which leads to a result. To further explain, it’s our imperfection of making the wrong choices in the moment which lead to the deterioration of a relationship; that precise moment you should have chose to shut-up, swallow your pride or simply say “I love you.”

In 2016, I challenge everyone not to be so quick to kick people out of your life. Hold off just a second from clicking “unfollow” on their social media accounts.

This year, let’s call them and address the issues at hand.

You don’t have to wait for the other party to bring the matter up because you see no fault in the way you handled the situation. You are only responsible for your own actions in life.

The most important thing is doing everything that you can to resolve the matter.

We can do a better job giving to others unselfishly in every relationship we possess. Allow space for reconciliation as it will only cause you to become a better person. It will aid in helping you make better decisions when presented with conflict. Let’s do better with our choices to produce the results we truly want in 2016.


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