12 Minutes

As I headed down the escalator to the Chinatown Metro, I rushed and barely made clearance into the last cart heading towards Fort Totten. I gathered my composure, slipped down into an open seat and pulled out my phone to adjust my Spotify track. As the train arrived at the next station, the lights began to flicker suggesting that it was now out of service. Slightly irritated, I got up and walked onto the platform at the Convention Center stop. I glanced up at the metro clock and I noticed the next train would arrive in 12 minutes…  

While I waited, I began to think that as a man, my instincts are to hunt; my eyes are always open. Not only for the sake of being safe and knowledgeable, but also to never limit my opportunity to meet a great woman. So, in an attempt to kill time, I began to scout the dark atmosphere for potential. Unfortunately, scanning the area didn’t yield anyone worth being doted over.


As I returned to the edge of the platform, I suddenly noticed a woman with long beautiful hair standing alone.

Her back faced me and her frame appealed to my eyes as her curves sat firmly in her jeans. I started to watch her closely in efforts to catch a glimpse of her face. I stood there and felt time expiring on this seemingly wonderful moment to find out more about this stranger. I dug my hand into my pocket, decreased the volume on Spotify and removed my Beats by Dre. My eyes never left her sight. Her hand suddenly rose to her face while she guided her hair behind the helix of her ear.

I stood in disbelief as my heart pounded erratically out of my chest.

Sweat instantly could be felt within my palms. I never knew breath could be removed from my body by the sight of laying eyes on her: My ex-wife…

Up until that point, I was successful at avoiding any form of communication and physical contact with her. I may have dialed her number numerous times but I didn’t possess the balls to press send. If I made a call out of genuine concern for her welfare, it would be misinterpreted. I just couldn’t humble myself enough to make that call.

As a result, my resolve was to cut her off in order to move forward and progress within in my own life.

For 2 ½ years it worked just fine until this unexpected occurrence. I fought hard to stay abstinent, but instead I stood there feeling penetrated by the memories of the love we once shared-memories that once embedded my mind and soul.

As I approached her…

To Be Continued…


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