12 Minutes: Part 2

As I approached her, I struggled with composing the right words to say. I stopped in the middle of my trek towards her.

Maybe this wasn’t a smart move to re-open Pandora’s box, but it felt good to see her still in one piece after the divorce.

She appeared to be the same glowing, vibrant and beautiful woman I fell in love with. Remembering our good times brought a smile to my face. It was so long ago since I had seen my ex-wife. Just the sight of her made me nervous and shook me to my core.  For a moment, I questioned if I was making a big mistake by putting myself in a position to speak to her. I could only imagine how she would feel about seeing me out of the blue…
As I glanced at the clock, I noticed there were 2 minutes left until the next train arrived. It was now or never. I didn’t have the time to think of any lofty words as I continued to stride towards her. As I neared, I made it a point not to touch her. I eased my way into her peripheral vision and slowly slid into her line of view. I mumbled, “Hello, how are you doing?” Did I just lose my damn voice or something? It was like I didn’t hear the words coming from my own mouth. I never took drugs a day in my life, but I felt like I was under the influence.

I stood there looking at her waiting for some form of acknowledgement.

She eventually looked into my eyes in sheer disbelief as if she couldn’t believe that I was standing before her. She began to slowly nod her head and smirked. She was confused and it was shown very clearly by her expression. I acted as though she didn’t hear my first greeting and heightened my voice, “I’m glad to see you are doing well.” She gave me the same feedback: a slow nod, a smirk and absolutely no words. All of a sudden, she turned and proceeded to walk away leaving me standing there.

I stood there and watched her disappear out of my vision as the train pulled into the station.

As the doors opened, I walked into the cart and grabbed the first seat available. I placed my headphones back on my ears and wondered…What just happened?
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