I’m Finally Prepared

Now that I’ve found who I’d say is undoubtedly my soul mate and the best thing to ever happen to me in life, I can honestly say that God doesn’t make mistakes. Back when I was 25 years old I thought, “Hey, you got a Master’s, you’re making good money, and life seems to be shaping up pretty nicely, so the only thing left to do is find a wife and live a happy life.”

NOPE! Boy, was I sadly mistaken!

It turns out that I wasn’t prepared or equipped with the necessary tools to sustain a marriage. However, thanks to God’s grace, I was able to take whatever lessons learned from that situation and apply them moving forward.

Let me fast forward you to Cinco de Mayo several years after being divorced and spending some time as a single man, learning and growing… I had been partying with some friends and just so happened to lay eyes on her. At that moment, it seemed that everything stopped and all I saw was her.

I literally thought she was the most beautiful woman on earth!

You see, she’s the best friend of a mutual friend, so I blurted out to the friend “Tell your friend I love her!” Maybe, subconsciously, I knew she was the one, haha.

Following that encounter, the mutual friend thought it’d be a good idea to invite me to a Happy Hour where she’d be so that we could formally meet. That’s where the good feeling started. I was able to ascertain that she was intelligent, incredibly strong-willed, funny, and just as gorgeous as the first time I saw her. From there we went on a date at a hookah lounge and discussed the usual: likes, dislikes, favorite food, family, favorite vacation, and eventually, relationships. Without a doubt, we just seemed to be on one accord. It’s like we were being directed down the same path, not by our own doing, but some other force. It just felt right.

Soon after that, maybe a month or so, we moved in together and our life together was pretty much solidified. Of course, we’ve committed to working on the relationship, ensure the other feels secure, loved, respected, and free to communicate without fear of being judged, but it was at that moment that we developed a mutual understanding that we’d be together. I hate to sound cliché, but the rest really is history. We continue to focus on each other, travel the world, improve as individuals, challenge one another to become the better version of ourselves, and remember that we are, without a doubt, blessed!

Now that she has accepted my proposal, I am confident that God is working in our lives.

No matter what’s happened in my life, somehow He saw fit to bless me with someone who I love more and more as the days pass. So thankful that I’m prepared with the necessary tools for this relationship!

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