Online Dating: The Code

Have you ever swiped left or right on Tinder?

How about casting your line into Plenty of Fish?

Did those repetitive commercials guilt you to sign up?

“Why do you ask?”

Well, let me explain . . .

Since starting CommonTruce, I have listened to countless online dating stories. As I assisted to help each individual, I began to realize how everyone’s story sounded similar. It was becoming clear to me that everyone faced the same issues while attempting to date online.

In response, I decided to work on creating an online dating guide to help both men and women navigate the virtual world of dating.

After 6 months, I’m excited to present my e-Book, “Online Dating: The Code” which will released by the end of this month.

Before I do, I need to ask you a small favor.

I have one question to ask you.

Can you help me out?

View my question by: CLICKING HERE

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