Letoya Luckett – “Back 2 Life” Movie Reaction

Letoya Luckett recently released a mini movie entitled, “Back 2 Life” which produced a flood of comments, interaction, and engaging dialogue between both men and women. I shared a small clip of the video on my Facebook page, and it received over 2 million views and is currently still in circulation. The video depicted Letoya and her boyfriend Omar, played by ex-Chicago Bear running back Thomas Jones, as he introduced her to his childhood friend, Cynthia (Jen Morillo).

If you haven’t viewed the clip, check it out below.

This scene often occurs and is very common in today’s society. I wouldn’t say it transpires how it was re-enacted with theatrics but nonetheless, the notion of a man introducing his girlfriend to a friend that happens to be of the opposite sex could cause some issues if not done properly.

I’ll dissect each character’s role and provide my take on how the scene unfolded.



I try my best not to speak for women but as a woman,

it’s important to respect the relationship of your friend if they are in a relationship with someone.

She was doing the absolute most. At first, I thought she was his girlfriend, and Letoya was the friend. I’m not sure if it is simply the way that she and Omar typically greet each other or the fact that Letoya was standing there. It could have been an intentional jab at Letoya and a way to mark her territory despite her being a “friend.” Regardless of the fact, if you are ever in that position, be proactive enough not to do anything that could call into question the type of relationship you have with the guy, especially if it is just a friendship.



As a man, I’ll give Omar the benefit of the doubt as the video opened up. He was on the receiving end of the antics. We can be oblivious to the impacts of how a woman may feel inside. If he always greets Cynthia this way, then it is nothing out of the ordinary for him to give her some dap and a warm embrace. As he preceded to include Letoya into the dialogue, his first downfall was he didn’t purposely place any importance on the relationship he possessed with her. Instead of saying this is my girlfriend, lady, or his first downfall was

he didn’t purposely place any importance on the relationship he possessed with her.

Instead of saying this is my girlfriend, lady, or bae he minimized her importance in his life. Him simply saying, “Oh this is Letoya” wasn’t the proper route to take. Entering into the vehicle, Letoya posed a question to gather more information about the friendship that he and Cynthia had. His reaction was very poor. Instead of reaffirming his love and taking into consideration of how she felt, he went on the defensive and created false insecurities to justify, and defended his friendship with Cynthia.

He asked that she respect their friendship more. Really? I immediately thought of Birdman.

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Fellas, when your woman tells you how she feels, it’s important to hear what she has to say.

Even though it may not have been your intention for her to take it the way that she did, it’s important not to dismiss her claims. We ought to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Think about how you would have reacted if the shoe was on the other foot.


What can I say about her? She played it very cool. She didn’t get loud, react abruptly, nor contend with Cynthia as things quickly went out of her favor. She was classy and exemplified the traits of a real woman. She waited and was very patient to speak with him in private about the matter without causing a scene in public.  Keep in mind, if a man insists on introducing you to his friend, the chances are very high that he doesn’t have anything to hide. It’s the times when avoids the interaction that there is something beneath the surface. Ladies, let’s be frank: if you find yourself in this sort of dilemma, it’s possible that your insecurities could cause you to feel a certain type of way. However, in some instances, your reactions could have come strictly from a place of sheer concern for the health, validity, and integrity of your relationship. It is critical to know and understand the difference between the two before you attempt to call a friendship into question. If you are confident that it comes from a place of sincerity in your heart, do not ignore your intuitions and present your concerns to him.

Do not be finessed by alternative facts, Jedi mind games, or quite frankly, bullshit which would result in you questioning the realities of what just occurred.

Be firm and proceed accordingly based off how he handles the situation.

What do you think?

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