Dating 9 to 5

These days, finding the right partner has become a full-time job, but there’s one question that remains:

Where are the benefits?

You meet someone, exchange text conversations, and the engage in a couple of phone calls. Everything seems great, so you decide to move things forward and go on a date. Each of you suggests potential date ideas before finally settling on a time and a location that works around both of your schedules. On the day of your date, you go to work, squeeze in a workout, and still manage to be right on time at 7 PM – looking and smelling great. Confidently, you step out of your car praying everything goes well.

Long story short, the date ends, and you feel drained. On the ride home, you lament over wasted time by replaying the date, the texts, and the conversations since you both met. Again, a different candidate, typical place, followed by the same old exhaustion. Finally, you twist the doorknob, kick off your shoes, and melt onto the sofa with a sigh and begin flipping through the channels.

After putting in all this work and exerting all this energy, where is the check?

Dating can, unfortunately, seem like interviewing with the possibility of an internship, which has an end date. All too often, we do not end up being a full-time employee and usually are excluded from benefits, not granted holiday pay nor 401K.

Where are the job listings? Should you even continue applying? Where’s the offer letter? Before you quit the search altogether, remember to recognize dating fatigue and prevent the burnout.

Avoid “Dating Burnout” by:

  1. Energy Conservation. Reduce the number of dates.
  1. Be selective. Quality > Quantity.
  1. No expectations. Bring none.

Dating should be an enjoyable experience for all parties involved. It’s a time when the foundation and memories are being created with a person you may end up being with long term. Yes, the stakes are high, but be sure to keep things light at first. Always remain optimistic, relax and be confident.

You’ll be just fine!

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