Be Clear

Fellas, it’s 2018 and there’s no reason not to keep it 100% honest with women! No more misleading a woman into believing that you actually want to be with her when you just want sex. Be honest and upfront from the very start. You know where your are mentally, what you can give and ultimately what you want from a woman.

Its time to start being accountable for our own actions.

Yet, you do things like spend quality time together, introduce her to the fellas, and then swear she is crazy when she inquires about the relationship status.

If you don’t want her, let her find someone who does. She deserves to be with someone who is willing and ready to be upfront. Stop trying to cuff every woman you meet believing you can have them all to yourself. Understand that the ratios aren’t that bad for her to move on to someone else.

To be totally honest, my quality of sleep has improved greatly since I’ve made the choice to be upfront with women. In addition, I’ve learned that women aren’t that different from men and their desires are often the same. Keep it real with women and see how far it gets you. Trust me, it’s a win-win situation.

14 thoughts on “Be Clear

  1. Ashlee Hope

    Agreed! I’m a Scorpio (toots horn lol) so I’m BIG on honesty, trust, and transparency. You should always be up front with a woman and give her an opportunity to decide whether she wants to deal with you or not, given what you’ve disclosed. You never know what a woman understands or is willing to work with. She may actually be on the same page! I hope your blog encourages more men to adopt the “Honesty is the best policy” mantra. It all boils down to mutual respect. Great post!

  2. Ronee

    I’m a strong believer in honesty. I’m also very open so I expect the same in return. We’re both adults, why not be upfront about what you want and let me make my decision rather than you playing games or not being open and I’m stuck trying to figure out how to interpret things. This is truly one of my deal breakers. In general, having an open line of communication is a win in my book. I highly respect any man who is truly and genuinely honest with me, whether it’s an answer I want to hear or not.

  3. Chantal

    This was music to my ears! It’s very refreshing to hear what women have been saying for centuries. To me, nothing is more divine than the bond between a woman and a man and when that bond is lop-sided due to lack of respect for feelings and lack of communication, it becomes insincere.

    Honest, like Ronee said, is the best policy. Sometimes men are afraid to be honest because they think a woman wouldn’t go for what they have im mind. But you never know unless you ask. When you lead someone on by having them be UNKNOWINGLY complicit in your schemes, you take away their god-given ability of choice and discernment. Ask me for what you want. Even if you get a “hell naw” right now, that doesn’t mean I may not change my mind. I just may not be in the frame of mind to do that at the current moment. It’s always important to respect the decisions of others. And if you don’t agree, you have eyes and the use of your hands so you can see the door and walk thru, never looking back.

    Men, please call your homies on their BS when it comes to how they interact with women. You know when he’s being disrespectful and unfair and to allow that to continue without addressing it does EVERYONE in the situation a disservice-including you.

  4. Elle

    Honesty is the best policy. With that in mind, I honestly believe the time for casual relationships between and around our people need to cease. Its time to repair and restore the black unit. We are stronger and greater when we unite. This is apparent to all who are against us thriving and succeeding as a people. Everyone you date may not be the one but isn’t the time to start dating with a purpose NOW? Living a life of casualty is causing an increased number of casualties for those who identify with Black, African or African American. To my black MEN and WOMEN…..Its time to do better yall!

  5. Regine Soulouque

    PREACH!!! Every woman deserves the right to know what she’s signing up for! No more secret babies, and secret wives, and secret friends with benefits, please!!! Tell me the whole truth so i have the option of rolling with you or opting out! We’re not as sensitive as men think!

  6. Tonya Queen

    Excellent comment I appreciate it.

    Maybe this will wake all men not some to be honest and stop playing games.

  7. Wunmi

    It’s 2015, stop playing games. Men feel they are sparing a woman’s feelings rather than hurting them when in essence that’s the end result. I can respect any man who can be upfront no matter what the end result is. If you have multiple women, own it. Boundaries are set with setting clear “expectations” (I use that term loosely).

  8. Faith

    It’s interesting that there are no comments from men on this one (at least it appears that way). Good post, and agreed.

  9. Schala Schifino

    This is so true. A lot of men feel like women can’t handle truths! Of course there are some who can’t…there are always acceptions. Honesty is the best policy in my book. Let me know what it is up front and there will be no confusion. No one should have to repeatedly inquire about their status or make assumptions….they should already know. Time is something you can never get back, so just keep it real.

  10. Chantal

    Where are the comments from men? They commented on a woman at events looking for a husband but not on something thay requires them to be honest and accountable for their actions.

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