CommonTruce was conceived out of the desire to be active in improving our overall community. Our mission is to reconcile the relationship between men and women of color. Bridging this divide will strengthen our communities, promote unity, and create stability for future generations.

The more I’ve grown, the more difficult it has become to turn a blind eye towards the current state of our community. Instead of complaining about it, I have decided to participate in creating a way that change could be encouraged.

It all started from the desire to advocate reform and aid in removing:

  1. Social misconceptions and stigmas which cause division in relationships;
  2. The detriment brought to children by dwelling in single-parent homes;
  3. The opposition which prevents us from joining together to cause community change.

The truth is, we share the same desire to improve our community. It became the focal points of change that I wanted to advocate for the good of our people. I began to brainstorm ways to create a platform which would generate a shift in thinking to address our issues and work together to create a resolution.

In stark contrast to the problems, I wanted and hoped for us to:

  1. Become better educated and resolve common relationship issues we face;
  2. Foster successful marriages while effectively providing support for the children involved;
  3. Improve our communities by becoming active in the change we all desire.

The direction I was headed in started to become a theme.

 COMMON issues…

establishing TRUCE