Meet Darion

Darion Coleman is a Certified Life Coach and Matchmaker!

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My Story

I’ve gone through many phases and seen many different things. I have run the gamut from being a “player” in my early days to finally settling down and experiencing the beauty and joy of marriage. Even though that union did not work out, it played a key role in my growth.

Since then I’ve gained much maturity. I’ve searched for so many answers and found that writing brought me peace of mind and was therapeutic. It also provided understanding of self and solutions to the great many things that perplexed my soul.

– Love

CommonTruce: Establishing Communication


Once I began to share my writings, the feedback and response was overwhelming. From that point on, I realized that sharing my own experiences could help others in ways that I never dreamed possible.

Thus CommonTruce DMV in Washington, D.C. was born. This became a platform to discuss the very topics and situations that I wrote about constantly. It was important for me to give men and women an open forum to connect in efforts to re-establish communication.

– Elevate

Mediation: Finding Resolve


The patrons of CommonTruce are often very open-hearted and feel free to honestly discuss their thoughts and concerns. I saw an opportunity to expand my own perspective and gain clarity from the complex and varying views of women and men as a whole.




Children are the legacies of the relationships we create. Serving and uplifting children will create the foundation needed to sustain community success for future generations to come.

Using CommonTruce DMV as the vehicle, we created the Professional Dress Workshop. PWD provides help in transitioning young boys into powerful professional men. With workshops built on the principles of love, elevate and resolve, we build their sense of self-worth, confidence and integrity.

In addition, CommonTruce DMV serves the less fortunate by providing essential items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, towels, feminine hygiene and other similar products in a program called Outreach Run.