Join CommonTruce Uncensored

This Facebook Group was created to have honest, authentic, and complete transparent dialogue in regards to dating and relationships in efforts to build unity in the black community between men and women. Feel free to be yourself!

Now we all know, most discussions on/offline are geared and cater to women. What’s different about this group is that men will have the opportunity and safe space to speak FREELY instead of being knocked, debated, or attacked by women. I believe it’s important to read to understand, not to reply just because you feel the need to speak. This is done by:

1. Keeping ladies/gentlemen numbers even.

2. Gender-specific questions. If you want responses/feedback from a certain gender, begin the post with one of the following I.E:



If you don’t make known a specific audience, it will be assumed the post is for everyone’s responses.

I believe having this format, will allow us to connect better and create the depth needed to really connect on a deeper level which is difficult to do, especially online.

Yet, I’m confident we can make it work if we work together!

Removal Criteria

1. Self Introduction. To officially become a member, the first thing that you MUST do is properly introduce yourself in the **OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION THREAD**. I understand you may be busy, but it’s important that you stay involved. If you don’t like, comment, or be active in the group, you will be removed.

**After you introduce yourself, feel free to invite at least (1) man and (1) woman that you feel may be a good candidate to join the group. Before you add them, ask them if they would like to be apart of the group and make they are aware that they MUST introduce themselves in the **OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION THREAD** (via phone: click the PINNED POST to view). Maintaining the balance between men and women is important.**

2. Contentious Folks. If you about that life, you will be removed.

3. Lurkers. This group isn’t for those who simply like to read and be nosey. If it’s apparent that you have “SEEN” every post but don’t provide your input, you will be removed.

Quality > Quantity

CommonTruce Uncensored is invite-only, and I encourage you to add individuals who don’t have an issue being 100% and revealing their own truths. Before you send people invitations to join, provide them information about CommonTruce Uncensored and ask them if they would like to join FIRST.

*Keep in mind, the more men who are invited, the more women who will be allowed into this group.

This is a judgment-FREE zone. No plex or beefing.

Disrespect won’t be tolerated!

Post your thoughts, ask questions, and receive honest feedback from the REAL!

Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that you believe will support the direction laid out in the above text. This is YOUR group!