CommonTruce Community: Mentoring South African Youth

I Am, We Are (IAWA) is a non-profit dedicated to creating a world where all youth are socially engaged, globally aware, and economically free. Founded on the South African philosophy of Ubuntu (humanity or I am because we are), IAWA is tackling the issue of youth unemployment, by globally empowering youth with the fortitude and knowledge necessary to actively build the future they envision for themselves.

IAWA’s multi-year, interactive curriculum focuses on four core principles: Personal Consciousness, Global Awareness, Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibility.  IAWA’s ambassadors commence the program in the eighth grade and stay in it until they finish the eleventh grade. The overall goal is for ambassadors to complete the program with the knowledge, skills, values, ethics, and attitude to advance themselves, their families, and their nation as a whole.


CommonTruce has partnered up with IAWA to help support IAWA’s ambassadors (or students) in South Africa.


There are three ways you can help.

1. Virtually mentor an ambassador

We are pairing interested CommonTruce members with an ambassador to assist the ambassadors cultivate cross-cultural competencies, promote intercultural awareness, and help prepare the youth for the global market. Each mentor will be minimally responsible for meeting with their mentee four times for 30 minutes.

We ask that you set aside 30 minutes to video conference with your ambassador, over Skype, Whats App, or Google Hangout. Depending on your personal schedule, your video conference will take place between 7am – 10am EST, during IAWA’s camp.  The camps are scheduled for:

• March 28th – April 3th

• June 27th – July 15th

• October 1st – October 8th

January 2017 (exact date to be determined)

2. Purchase or donate books for the ambassadors.

These students are greatly in need of books! Please feel free to send any old books to PO Box XXXX, Washington, DC 20019 or purchase any of the items provided on IAWA’s Amazon Wish List. Whatever you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

In addition, feel free to DONATE HERE. All proceeds will go towards food, transportation, activities and supplies for the students.


3. Travel to South Africa

I will be flying to Johannesburg, South Africa to support the October 1 – October 8, 2016 IAWA camp session. Travel details have not been confirmed just yet but I wanted to provide sufficient notice to all interested parties.


With your RSVP, It acknowledges that you are interested in either (1) becoming a mentor or (2) traveling to South Africa in support of the IAWA camp.

There will be no additional information provided on Meetup and interested parties will be contacted via email.


In order to become a mentor, you are prepared to:

1. Engage with your ambassador during a 30-minute video conference during four of IAWA’s camp sessions

2. Purchase or donate old books or select any items you would like to contribute from IAWA’s AMAZON WISH LIST

3. OPTIONAL: Join me as I visit South Africa and CommonTruce supports the camp during the Oct 1st – Oct 8th session.